How to build a sales process

Many sales reps can underestimate the importance of following a process when it comes to selling.
It’s important to remember that following a sales process won’t result in a close every time, but gives
you a structure to follow which will result in building better, more valuable relationships with your
prospects. These 8 steps fall under 4 stages: research, prospecting, selling, and nurturing of

Why investing in CRM is worth it

A CRM system is going to benefit your business in multiple ways, so investing in one really is a
no-brainer. The cost associated with CRM can sometimes look high initially, however when you
research the returns it will bring to your company – it’s more than worth it! Here’s 3 reasons why you
should consider investing in CRM

How to enhance your productivity using data

You can collect all the data in the world – but without managing it accordingly, it won’t help you reach
your KPIs. Many SMEs are not harnessing the full potential of their data, despite its importance. A
Gartner Report found that data quality affects business productivity by up to 20%. So, how can
smaller businesses actually increase their productivity through their data?

4 Tips to get the most out of your CRM

Understanding how to use your CRM effectively and to its maximum potential is something many
businesses previously overlooked. Due to changing market conditions and customer concerns, CRMs
are now more important than ever before. Here are 4 tips on how to get the most out of your CRM