What is a Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP)?  An NPSP, or previously known as a Charitable Starter Pack is an arrangement of bundles created for Salesforce which is made accessible through Salesforce AppExchange, for free.

So, let us jump into why an NPSP is so upstanding for philanthropic businesses, with the NPSP you can sync everything you do, to allow to connect better with donors and other essential parts of the business. This allows you to raise money more efficiently, which as you know is the beating heart of philanthropic businesses.

Other benefits would be the ability to find volunteers with ease, making sure you get the best people on board for your deals, connecting you with influencers with huge social media followings giving an extraordinary advance to your cause.


NPSP Data Model

To put it simply the NPSP is a collection of customized features added to the base Salesforce platform. These customizations focus on optimizing the platform to adhere to donations and fundraising, by tracking a different set of entities and their relationships- namely, individual donors, their household affiliation, and donations.

This doesn’t mean Accounts, contacts, and opportunities are obsolete they are still major building blocks in the non-profit CRM, an example Accounts will now be represented as households which then connect to donors (contacts) and donations (opportunities).

To understand the full picture of how the NPSP has changed the base Salesforce platform check out the image below:

Data Migration, into Salesforce NPSP:

There are several steps when it comes to Importing data that are best practice to complete, the three most important things to remember are as follows


  • Complete: All data should be complete. While the data is not within Salesforce, it is the best time to check all the relevant data is contained in the .CSV


  • Validity: Make sure all the data is formatted correctly (E.g.: Incorrect date show= 38920 Correct date format = 01/01/2021). This may happen because of data had originally been inputted incorrectly, or it could happen because of an exporting error.


  • Uniqueness: There is a possibility that your data will contain duplicates, this will cause you to get errors if importing via Data loader. In some cases, you may want duplicates importing, but if that is the case you will need to allow duplicate records. You can do this by enabling it in the NPSP org.


Work we have done:

We have doing work for a Boarding school; this school was established around 16th century. This meant they had a stockpile of data they needed to import into their Salesforce NPSP org, the issue they faced was the data was chaotic meaning it created challenges when it came down to importing the data to the org.


This is where AspireCRM jumped in to create a stress-free experience for their data migration needs. The first step we had to take was to look over raw data to see if we could see any potential errors, which would then create an issue when it came to importing the data.


Once we had looked over the data, we reported back to the Schools Data Analyst and requested the required changes. When we had the amended data, we then had to assess the best method of importing the data because of the number of fields and data we decided it would be best practice to use Data Loader.


For the import, we had three different sets of data to import the first being Households, second contacts, and third opportunities, we then mapped the fields to the data starting with Households. This is because to import contacts you need a Household to link to the contact, once we had the Households added into the org our next step was to export the Household data from Salesforce so we could then link the contacts to the Households, using the Salesforce ID.


As soon as we had the Contacts data that was linked to the Households, we could move onto importing the contacts. After we had all the contacts in, we could then import the opportunities which we also liked to the Households, through the Salesforce ID. This concluded the data migration work for the school NPSP in Salesforce.