Datalec Precision Installations



Professional Services 



DPI (Datalec Precision Installations) was really a case of back to basics for these guys. While being a successful and fast growing business within the data center market the concept of CRM was new to them but one they knew they had to adopt along with the appropriate tools to quickly and efficiently manage customers and sales pipeline. The brief was keep things simple and also automated for the team as they work across multiple roles in the business. 


Salesforce Sales Cloud Pro was chosen as the platform to best support the requirements of DPI. It offered all the basics but allowed greater use of automation and flexibility for capturing custom info. We implemented Accounts and Contacts linked with Opportunities and forecasting. Alongside this functionality we implemented Salesforce Mobile with a ‘one stop shop’ for creating new opportunities, accounts and customers from one screen! This allowed the busy Sales team to quickly add the info into Salesforce while on the go! Going from spreadhseets to this in just x2 weeks is certainly value add for the guys at DPI.