Digital Engagement

Reach customers across every digital channel — including mobile messaging, web chat, social networks, and more — to provide a seamless service experience all on the #1 platform for service.

The connected customer is here, your customers have a instant and mobile world, they contect on average with 10 different channels to interactive with all there favorite brands and buinesses. No longer is it about servicing certain channels and that’s what you can support, it’s about when can you deliver the service necessary to support your customers so they have the best experience with you.

Einsten Bots (25 Conversations Per User Per Month)

You can use einsten bots in many ways here are a few example of how these little guys could help you and your customer.

Use the bots to automate some common questions that your customers have, this will help take off the load on your support team and speed up the experience for the customer, you can then include this chat on your website or via SMS or WhatsApp.

There are some simple tasks that einsten bots will be able to complete on it’s own however for the more complicated questions einsten bots can collect information from the customer and then present that to the support agent for a quick hand off, this allows the support agent to quickly see the issue and not have to ask the first few simple questions allowing for a quicker resolution time.


Your support team can use multiple channels to connect to your customers these include: SMS (Paid, 25 Conversations per user per month, GA), Facebook Messager (Unlimited GA) WhatsApp (Unlimited inbound, paid outbound, GA)

Additional Einstein Bot Conversations


USD/100 Conversations/Month (Billed Annually)

Additional Channel Conversations

SMS Message Conversations


USD/100 Conversations/Month (Billed Annually)

Additional Triggered & Bulk Messages

Triggered notifications using SMS outbound messages


USD/1000 Outbound Messages/Per Contract Term

Whatsapp Outbound Messages

Triggered notifications using WhatsApp outbound messages


USD/1000 outbound messages/per contract term