Take control of your assets with Salesforce Asset Management

Asset Management software is used to deploy, operate, maintain, or liquidate assets, all of this and more, can be managed within Salesforce.

Salesforce gives advisors the information they need, in order to provide their clients with the level of service they desire. It does this through advanced automation options, direct communication tools, real-time data analysis capabilities and accessibility. With Salesforce as your software you can integrate third-party applications that are flexible, configurable, and customizable.

Asset management

Single view of asset with complete asset lifecycle management​​​

Manage and allocate resources based on skills and availability​​​​

Optimise daily schedules with intelligent route planning for operators and technicians​​

Create maintenance plans, automate work order creation, monitor asset performance and more

Mobile friendly solution allows technicians to view jobs, report issues in the field and more​