Salesforce for SME’s

Choosing a CRM that ticks all the boxes for your small business is no small task. It needs to be affordable, play well with others, built to scale, and most importantly, easy to use. That’s why Salesforce has announced Salesforce Essentials. The world’s #1 CRM tailored to the needs — and budget — of UK SMEs.

Simple to Use

Skip the data entry step and directly upload the data you need from your email, calendar, spreadsheets, support channels and more into Salesforce Essentials. Now, all your hard work is in one convenient place.

Easy to Onboard with a Built-in Educational System

Not only is there a simple setup assistant built into the products, but in-depth answers to your CRM questions are all in Trailhead, a fun and interactive treasure trove of knowledge on everything from how a CRM works to specifics around Salesforce Essentials functionality. 

Compatible with the Apps You Use Every Day

Salesforce Essentials integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud’s G Suite, allowing you to connect your email, calendar, and data. If your business needs extend beyond Google, you can utilise AppExchange, an app marketplace where you can plug in different systems that customise the functions of your CRM, helping you harness the power of the whole business ecosystem.

Upgraded Effortlessly 3 Times a Year

Every four months Salesforce automatically update and enhance their products – leaving all your data and customisations intact. 

Enhanced with AI Technology to Enable Smarter Decision-making

Salesforce Essentials is built with Einstein, artificial intelligence (AI) software that allows you to automate basic sales activities and work smarter.

Priced Affordably for Growing Businesses

Sales Cloud Essentials starts at £20 per user per month and is geared toward helping small businesses with up to 5 users manage contacts, leads, opportunities in one central location.

Service Cloud Essentials, built for small business service teams, helps teams of up to 5 users close cases faster and connect all your support channels. It’s also priced at £20 per user per month

Built to Grow with You

If your small business gets to a point where it isn’t so small anymore, you can upgrade to the full-scale Sales or Service CRM and keep all your tools and data intact.

With this level of functionality and effortless integration, it’s no wonder that small businesses are calling Salesforce Essentials “Salesforce’s best product yet.