Get location intelligence for sales and service inside the World’s #1 CRM.

About Salesforce Maps

Salesforce Maps helps your business grow and make your operations and employees more profitable and structured. Using salesforce maps route optimization and thematic map capabilities. Salesforce Maps Advanced features, continual routing, performance reporting, advanced priority scheduling and route planning horizon (1 Quarter). Maximize the visits to your customers by considering where your customers are and your team are during each phase of the sales process.

• Plan your teams routes for months or a quarter

• Perfect your teams sales visits based on value or the customers issues

• Get a 360 view of your business using external data and advanced geo-visualization

Save Countless Hours

Eliminate cumbersome manual planning processes by running multiple scenarios nimbly and seamlessly.


Lower Planning Time

Design and plan quickly and at scale and automatcly update reps with data and changes that they need quickly.


Get Visability all the Time

Get live updates and using tracking equipment identify any problems and save on your outgoings quickly.