The 8 Surprising Benefits of a CRM System




1. Save Time

If your company is just now implementing or changing CRM systems, it may seem like CRM is more time consuming than the last system. Many employees may complain about the seeming increase in workload and data entry. What seems like a lot of time spent entering data on CRM, however, will prove to be a monumental time-saver in the not-so-distant future. Cloud CRM systems are especially productive because staff can update their CRM on-the-go from any mobile device. Furthermore, during the recent Covid-19 crisis, staff were able to continue to work from the comfort of their own home, still in contact with every customers and every department. Did you know that – Salesforce Cloud CRM users see a 40% increase in their sales productivity. Sending emails and viewing LinkedIn profiles directly from your CRM are some of the time-saving features of Salesforce Lightning.

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