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Salesforce Public Sector Solutions (PSS) is transforming how public services are delivered through versatile and secure e-government tools that cater to both ends of the service interaction. Every day, public officials and administrators manage a high volume of transactions, both online and in person, while residents, businesses, and various stakeholders expect clear guidelines and quick, knowledgeable assistance. Agencies depend on Public Sector Solutions to modernise vital business procedures, ensuring they meet these expectations.

Creating user-friendly interfaces, Salesforce PSS assists constituents in understanding regulations and completing necessary paperwork. Intelligent automation streamlines the flow of forms, papers, applications, fees, and assessments through agency oversight. By turning data into valuable insights, operations become more efficient, enhancing the experiences of those being served. In times of policy changes or emergencies, the adaptability of Public Sector Solutions allows for dynamic adjustments to workflows, resource mobilisation, and expedited outreach.


What’s Included with Salesforce PSS

Tailoring solutions to diverse agency needs, Salesforce PSS rejects a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it allows combining various components and tools to create bespoke solutions for Cities, counties, regions, and government agencies at both the federal and national levels, catering to unique constituent service requirements.

Included within Salesforce PSS is the cloud-based Salesforce platform, encompassing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud. This foundational element furnishes relationship management, case handling, collaboration, integration, and data insight capabilities. This comprehensive view of constituents aids in more effective service, management, and interaction. Moreover, it complies with rigorous data security regulations, facilitating rapid deployment and scalability with the flexibility to expand implementations as needed.

Custom-built for government agencies, the Salesforce PSS data model features objects allowing the definition of regulatory agencies, authorisation types, codes, and representation of constituents as business or person accounts. It also supports entities for visits, complaints, violations, and more. Regardless of using Public Sector Solutions for licenses, permits, inspections, assessments, or managing social service programs, this adaptable data model accommodates diverse agency needs.

The Industry Common Layer comprises no-code and low-code components and tools that operationalise the platform and data model. OmniStudio, Action Plans, Document Tracking and Approvals, OmniStudio Document Generation, Business Rules Engine, and other components automate traditionally paper-based processes. These tools enable the creation of dynamic forms accessible via a public portal, application reviews and approvals, complex policy decision calculations, and more, empowering agencies to streamline and digitize their operations efficiently.


Key Features and Benefits:

License, Permit & Inspection Management:

Enable communities to thrive by offering out-of-the-box licensing, permitting, and inspection capabilities. The digital-first approach accelerates every step in the licensing, permitting, and inspection cycle, guiding constituents through application requirements. By streamlining site visits and fostering online communities for self-service, this feature helps residents and businesses complete applications efficiently. Intelligent forms facilitate quicker application completions, while guided inspection templates simplify site visits. Moreover, a comprehensive view of the application pipeline enhances revenue projection accuracy.


Grants Management:

Salesforce PSS for Grants Management offers real-time insights into program performance, ensuring effective fund allocation. This feature streamlines application intake and manages diverse stakeholders and funding programs within a unified system. It also facilitates end-to-end grant lifecycle management with modern collaboration tools, enhancing transparency and accountability through real-time reporting.


Emergency Program Management:

This aspect focuses on prioritising and mobilising resources during crises. It empowers constituents, employees, volunteers, service members, and field workers with digital tools for requesting, coordinating, and delivering emergency services. By offering a single platform for program management and incident resolution, this feature quickens disaster relief efforts. It allows communities to access crisis updates, submit emergency service requests, and accelerate responsiveness by providing a unified view of all emergency requests and approvals.


Employee Experience:

Salesforce PSS empowers government employees by providing digital-first tools for daily operations. These tools minimise effort in numerous internal processes, including HR and IT service requests, through digital forms, workflows, and automation. The interface offers a streamlined workspace, increasing productivity and enhancing employee engagement with a mission-centric focus.


Contact Centre Engagement:

Ensuring seamless support experiences, this feature creates consistent and personalised service across various channels. By centralising constituent and case data, service representatives obtain the necessary information to resolve cases promptly. Constituents can access this data at any time, fostering self-service and aiding in swift issue resolution. This capability unifies all channels on a single platform, enhances support through self-service options, boosts agent productivity, and expedites the deployment of digital experiences.

Leveraging Aspire CRM for Streamlined Salesforce PSS Implementation

Aspire CRM stands as a strategic partner equipped to guide public agencies through the seamless integration and effective utilisation of Public Sector Solutions. With a proven track record in consultancy and implementation services, Aspire CRM offers tailored support to optimise the adoption of these transformative tools.


Consultation Expertise:

Aspire begins by understanding the unique needs and objectives of each agency. Through comprehensive discovery sessions, Aspire’s experts collaborate closely with government bodies, outlining specific requirements and objectives. By aligning Public Sector Solutions with these distinct agency goals, Aspire CRM ensures a bespoke implementation strategy tailored for maximum efficiency and impact.


Customised Implementation Roadmaps:

Armed with insights garnered from consultations, Aspire crafts detailed implementation roadmaps. These blueprints outline step-by-step procedures, delineating the integration of Public Sector Solutions into existing agency frameworks. Aspire’s meticulous planning ensures minimal disruption to ongoing operations while maximising the benefits of these innovative tools.


Technical Expertise:

Aspire’s team of skilled Salesforce professionals are proficient in navigating complex technological landscapes. Leveraging their expertise, Aspire CRM facilitates the seamless integration of Public Sector Solutions within agency infrastructures. From configuration to deployment, Aspire’s technical proficiency ensures a smooth transition to the new system.


Training and Support:

Recognising the importance of user adoption, Aspire CRM conducts comprehensive training sessions for agency personnel. These sessions empower employees with the necessary skills to utilise Public Sector Solutions efficiently. Additionally, Aspire CRM remains a steadfast support system, offering ongoing assistance and troubleshooting to ensure a smooth and sustained implementation.


Continuous Improvement:

Aspire doesn’t just stop at implementation. The team actively engages in monitoring and evaluation, continuously seeking opportunities for improvement. Through regular assessments and feedback mechanisms, Aspire CRM ensures that Public Sector Solutions evolve in tandem with the agency’s changing needs.



Salesforce PSS embodies an innovative approach to enhancing public service delivery. Its adaptability, rooted in a customisable framework, caters to the diverse needs of Cities, counties, regions, and government agencies at both the federal and national levels. By harnessing cutting-edge technology within the Salesforce Platform, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud, this solution empowers agencies to manage constituents more effectively while adhering to stringent data security regulations.

Aspire CRM is committed to guiding the consultation and implementation process further, solidifying the potential for successful integration and the realization of optimal benefits. Together, these facets underscore the transformative power of Public Sector Solutions in modernising government operations and elevating the citizen experience.


If you’re a Public Sector organisation seeking a robust, customised CRM solution aligned with your organisational objectives, reach out to Aspire CRM today. Let’s explore how we can assist you in achieving your goals!

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