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Optimise Your Healthcare Operations with Salesforce Health Cloud!

Salesforce Health Cloud has become a key solution within the healthcare space. The emphasis on patient satisfaction is more important than ever, and Health Cloud offers healthcare providers the ultimate patient-centric platform. In such an environment where everything centres on operational efficiency and clinical excellence, Aspire CRM’s solutions provide healthcare organisations with the necessary tools to deliver quality patient care. By prioritising improved patient outcomes, streamlined coordinator, and value-based approaches, Salesforce Health Cloud allows health providers to be successful in an industry that is marked by shifting delivery models and heightened competition.

At Aspire CRM, we understand that technology is the key driver of positive change in the healthcare sector. With our expertise in Salesforce, we empower your healthcare organisation to achieve its objectives, whether it’s enhancing patient recruitment, optimising engagement with healthcare professionals, or streamlining practice operations. Through access to patient data, facilitating informed decision-making, and personalised care delivery, salesforce Health Cloud allows you to create deeper connections with your patients, ultimately excelling your healthcare experience.


Increase in Patient Engagement


Improvement in Care Coordination Among Healthcare Providers


Increase in Operational Efficiency


Decrease in Hospital Readmission Rates

salesforce health cloud 360 view

360-Degree View of Each Patient

Salesforce Health Cloud provides your organisation with a full 360-degree view of each patient, including their identities, medical records, timelines, and treatment plans. This will ultimately save valuable time and enhance digital healthcare experiences.

salesforce health cloud data privacy

Data Privacy and Protection

Salesforce Health Cloud includes trusted security tools like Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail. These tools make it possible to ensure the full protection of your patient and user information while enabling a smooth integration with patient’s electronic health records so that they can play an active role in their care.

salesforce health cloud patient approach

Patient Approach

Health Cloud allows healthcare teams to provide superior patient care more effectively. For example, the platform allows teams to identify a patient’s home life, needs, and goals in order to develop their approach. Salesforce Health Cloud allows users to assess the level of appropriate support for patients.

salesforce health cloud collaboration

Collaboration and Coordination

Your care teams can work more efficiently with Salesforce Health Cloud, sharing information and coordination of care between different healthcare providers. Secure communications are also supported by the platform, allowing for direct communication between practitioners and patients.

salesforce health cloud patient timeline

Patient Timeline

View your patient’s medical history, including encounters, medical results and medicines all at once. This Intuitive Approach makes it easier for your healthcare staff to understand the patient’s history and make decisions accordingly.

salesforce health cloud AI

AI Insights and Predictions

Salesforce has artificial intelligence capabilities to provide healthcare organisations with advanced insights and predictions to improve patient outcomes, streamline operations and optimising financial performance.

salesforce health cloud analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Aspire CRM helps healthcare organisations leverage Salesforce’s reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights and make data-driven decisions. We create custom reports and dashboards tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, enabling you to track performance, measure outcomes, and demonstrate results. 

salesforce health cloud support

Ongoing Support and Enhancement

After the initial implementation, Aspire CRM provide ongoing support to healthcare organisations. We address any issues, provide training and guidance for new features or updates, and offer continuous improvement by identifying opportunities for enhancement and optimisation.

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Healthcare Marketing

Use Salesforce for your healthcare marketing to connect with your patients through personalised and targeted communications. The automated outreach and trigger messaging functionality delivers the right content, at the right time. Create and tailor content specific to providers and patients that drives referral and order volumes, ultimately creating lasting relationships with patients and partners.

Mulesoft Integrations

Integrating Health Cloud with Salesforce MuleSoft enables your organisations to connect Health Cloud to their existing EMRs, billing systems, and other healthcare applications. The Mulesoft integration unlocks the full potential of your data, streamlines processes, and improves decision making.

Managed Services

In order to assess your progress and success, manage change within your organisation as well as integrate new tools and technologies when they become available, you will need a long term strategy for continued success with Salesforce. Aspire CRM provides you with a flexible, scalable, and economical solution for the maintenance of your Salesforce without having to recruit additional fulltime or dedicated personnel.

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