What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Salesforce Products

An overview 

Sales Cloud is a Salesforce program for your sales team. Sales Cloud allows users to easily store, manage, and track leads. The platform then gives sales teams the ability to be more productive by storing all information about prospects and customers in one location.    

Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to help manage the entire sales pipeline from the beginning to the end. At the start of the process, users can utilise the Sales Cloud to capture leads from different sources. Whether customers fill out a web form or sign up at a conference, Salesforce will gather the data into one centralised complete Cloud repository. From that point, users can create contact records, add additional information, and store data. You can highlight key fields and create tasks to keep the sales process moving forward. Quotes can be created in Sales Cloud and emailed to customers directly from Salesforce via the built-in quoting capabilities. 

Opportunity Management 

For opportunities, Salesforce Sales Cloud gives users the ability to create individual opportunities, assign team members to specific opportunities, and track information related to those opportunities. Users can access updated forecasts and reports in order to make decisions and plan their next steps. This ensures that opportunities are organised and tracked in an efficient and productive manner.   

Lead Management 

Lead management is the platform in Sales Cloud that enables users to create accounts for new customers and assign members of the sales team to specific accounts. Users can track communication with customers and store information about interactions with customers in their Sales Cloud. Reports on sales performance and customer segmentation can be easily generated from Salesforce Sales Cloud. By establishing a foundation of customer data, users can analyse the data and use it to tailor their sales tactics.    

Forecast Management 

Another option in Sales Cloud is forecast management. The platform provides company leaders with the ability to accurately define and measure success, benchmark performance, and better predict potential future sales. Through the use of advanced analytics, educated decisions can be quickly made and implemented. Forecasts can be tailored to individual territories, regions, and teams, allowing sales leaders to more accurately track performance. 

Case Study 

REIREI is a Scandinavian retail store that sells baby clothes, accessories, and toys. The company partnered with Salesforce in 2019 and in this time, it’s matured to become a more structured, efficient, and data-driven company.  

Before the company joined forces with Salesforce, REIREI’s sales team physically visited prospects and made pitches in person. When a lead was converted, it would take a long time to onboard due to lengthy credit checks which could take up to a couple of weeks, compared to just a few minutes via an automated workflow in Sales Cloud. Today, the sales team has grown to 20 full-time employees who engage digitally. But thanks to Salesforce, reps can still have meaningful conversations with prospects and customers. 

Co-owner of REIREI Anders Landberg revealed, “Salesforce aligns our sales and marketing; we can use real insights to create the perfect pitch for each customer.” REIREI uses Sales Cloud to import and analyse data to become more predictive about their needs and create bespoke offers. 

Why Does My Business Need Salesforce Sales Cloud? 

With Sales Cloud, your entire team can input and access every detail of customer interaction. When you store your customer data in documents, spreadsheets and emails it is messy, inconvenient, and doesn’t provide meaningful insight. Sales Cloud stores it all in one place, meaning that data gets put to the right use. Salesforce Sales Cloud provides users with a powerful suite of tools to manage their sales process. It allows users to track leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities on one unified platform.  

Once your data is in the Cloud, Sales Cloud prioritises your best leads, automatically logs interactions and reminds reps when it’s time to follow up. With Sales Cloud, you focus on the hottest opportunities and connect them with the best rep to maximise your chances of closing a deal.   

Aspire CRM stands ready as your strategic partner to seamlessly implement and consult on Salesforce Sales Cloud services. Our expertise lies in understanding your unique business needs and translating them into a tailored Sales Cloud setup that maximizes efficiency. With Aspire CRM’s dedicated support, your business gains not just a software implementation, but a strategic approach that harnesses the full potential of Salesforce Sales Cloud to drive growth and success.

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