Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

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Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

What is Marketing Cloud Growth Edition?

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is the newest addition to the Salesforce suite of marketing solutions, specifically designed to bolster small organisations growth through the power of CRM, AI, and data integration. This edition introduces a new model for marketing automation based on Salesforce’s core platform, Einstein 1, and driven by Data Cloud technologies. To simplify campaign management, enhance personalisation, and drive growth, marketing Cloud Growth seamlessly integrates AI-driven insights and data intelligence.


Who is Marketing Cloud Growth Edition for?

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with fewer than 200 employees. It offers a complete marketing solution that is easy to use, intuitive, and scalable in response to smaller organisations’ specific needs and challenges. Marketing Cloud Growth Edition gives you the tools and capacity to achieve accurate results, whether you are a new business looking for your brand presence or an existing small and medium-sized organisation optimising its marketing efforts.


The Importance of Growth Edition

Given that, on average, employees spend close to 11 hours a week working on email, the automation of content creation and the efficiency offered by artificial intelligence is crucial for marketing optimisation. Marketing Cloud Growth allows organisations to combine CRM, artificial intelligence, and data to deliver the compelling connected experiences consumers expect today.


Marketing Cloud Growth Edition Features

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition makes creating campaigns easy by seamlessly integrating AI capabilities. Organisations can use the power of AI to create compelling email content that appeals to their audience with the help of Einstein Salesforce. This innovative feature is more than a streamlining of the creation process; it also allows communication to be adapted according to each recipient’s unique preferences. The platform also facilitates the capture of leads with easy-to-create and use forms, enabling companies to expand their reach seamlessly, which drives engagement.

To streamline your campaign processes, the Growth Edition uses Salesforce’s powerful automation tool. With multi-step email sequence automation, define actions triggered by specific events (like recipient engagement) and build comprehensive marketing journeys that optimise personalisation and engagement.

Salesforce Einstein
To increase your marketing efforts, the Growth Edition uses the power of Einstein AI. Einstein uses Send Time Optimisation, meaning based on previous performance data, you can schedule your email to the optimum engagement times—Einstein Co-Create Utilises AI assistance for crafting campaign briefs and generating email content.


Free Data Cloud for Users

Marketing Cloud Growth allows customers to use the Data Cloud at no extra cost. It enables users to connect data from various sources to have a single view of customers for marketing, sales, services, and commerce. Marketers can tailor messages across all channels, delivering more relevant and tailored customer experiences through this data. In addition, the availability of Data Cloud is a catalyst for small businesses to begin their journey towards AI. Organisations can better understand customer engagement levels and determine the most efficient way to target their audience using AI insights.


The growth edition of Marketing Cloud is expected to set a new standard in how organisations can use Salesforce’s marketing capabilities. In today’s fast-paced online landscape, SMBs can use artificial intelligence and data to be more effective in their marketing operations.

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