Financial Services


Gohenry are an existing Salesforce user but were simply not getting the required value from it due to lack of in house engagement. They were using both Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud to engage with customers but felt that due to the lack of expertise and engagement, the potential to maximise their investment and help increase customer satisfaction and retention was suffering.


We parachuted in to Gohenry and immediately set out to assess the current CRM landscape. Our first task was to upgrade the member services service cloud from classic to lightning experience. This would provide a great platform to build further functionality on to while also allowing for greater efficiencies in case management.

The next task was to reduce the number of cases being raised in member services by allowing customers to self-serve. We selected Salesforce Community Cloud as the tool of choice to host knowledge articles and also to allow customers to raise their own cases. This avoided customers having to ring into the contact centre, which resulted in further cost savings. Finally, we set up bots on the LiveChat system which again helped case deflection. Our input at Gohenry is helping them drive efficiencies with an ultimate goal of 30% savings!

On the Marketing Cloud side we built new automated journeys that allows Gohenry to email new customers at selected points. This has greatly increased customer engagement and retention.