Offshore Shipbrokers


Financial Services


Offshore Shipbrokers are a leading vessel brokerage business that can support clients with their sometimes unique needs for shipping.

The team at Offshore Shipbrokers were reliant on dated technology including spreadsheets to manage the brokering process, including being able to track vessels and jobs for clients


Here at AspireCRM we immediately identified that value can be added very quickly with a small, simple but effective solution built on Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Utilising Salesforces customisation options we gave Offshore Shipbrokers the ability to link all their relational data together. Allowing brokers and management to identify the correct vessel for a clients requirements quickly. They can then also see which jobs that vessel has completed and also has planned.

Account and contact management was provided so a 360 view of customers was available to the team to easily identify which clients had certain vessels tied to them. Reports and dashboards finally gave management a visualised, holistic view of where demand was across the industry.