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Axess Systems is an award-winning IT company specialising in virtualisation and Digital Infrastructure services. With its headquarters in the Midlands and a regional office in Southampton, Axess Systems serves IT leaders across the UK. They cater to a wide array of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, construction, charity, transportation, professional services, retail, finance, engineering, housing associations, emergency services, education, and local government.
The Challenge

Axess Systems faced significant challenges with their existing Pardot setup, which was not integrated with Salesforce and was running on an outdated version. The system was cluttered with legacy data, and the person who previously managed it had left the company, taking their knowledge and skills with them. As a result, Axess Systems lacked the expertise to effectively build campaigns, manage data, and run marketing initiatives, leaving their marketing efforts in disarray.

The Solution

Aspire CRM stepped in to address these challenges by performing a comprehensive review of both the Salesforce and Pardot environments. Key actions included:

  • System Cleanup: We tidied up the legacy data and linked Pardot with Salesforce to ensure seamless data flow.
  • Custom Fields and Data Points: We created custom fields and linked all necessary data points to enable effective data segmentation and capture.
  • Pardot Upgrade: Upgraded Pardot to the latest version and configured it correctly for optimal use.
  • User Permissions: Adjusted user permissions so that only relevant marketing personnel had access to Pardot.
  • Email Journeys: Developed and implemented email journeys to automate marketing campaigns.
  • Training: Provided extensive training over two days to ensure the Axess Systems team could independently manage and build campaigns.
The Results

Following Aspire CRM’s intervention, Axess Systems experienced a significant improvement in their marketing operations:

  • Effective Campaign Management: Axess Systems can now run automated marketing campaigns with ease.
  • Enhanced Data Insights: They gained valuable insights into email clicks, opens, and overall campaign performance.
  • Improved Efficiency: The sales team now has access to well-segmented lists, making their efforts more efficient.
  • Empowered Team: The marketing team is fully trained and capable of managing and optimising their campaigns independently.

Solutions applied

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Customer Success story

Axess Systems struggled with an outdated and disjointed Pardot setup, lacking integration with Salesforce and burdened by legacy data. Aspire CRM intervened, cleaning up their systems, upgrading Pardot, and providing tailored training. This led to improved campaign management, enhanced data insights, and increased efficiency for both marketing and sales teams, ultimately empowering Axess Systems to leverage their marketing automation platform more effectively.

“Our project to enhance Marketing Account Engagement Integration with Salesforce, managed by AspireCRM, was highly successful. AspireCRM’s expertise and professionalism have greatly improved our marketing efficiency and effectiveness, which will no doubt be reflected in an increased sales pipeline.”


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