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Cosy started as a husband and wife team in a small loft office overlooking Derby Cathedral. Today, they have grown into a global business, connecting with minds in 25 countries. With a strong team of 100 people, Cosy is rapidly expanding, promoting a natural, engaged, and active childhood by supplying sustainable nursery and educational equipment worldwide. However, they faced low customer satisfaction ratings and a high case backlog. Their methods of managing cases were inefficient, and they lacked the ability to generate comprehensive reporting and analytics. 
The Challenge

Cosy’s low customer satisfaction ratings and high case backlog were hindering their growth and reputation. Inefficient case management processes made it difficult for their customer service team to handle inquiries effectively. Moreover, the absence of reporting and analytics prevented the management team from gaining valuable insights to make informed business decisions. 

The Solution

To address these challenges, Aspire CRM worked closely with Cosy, first providing recommendations to achieve greater customer engagement during the support process. This included implementing auto-responses to customers who raised cases and notifying them when cases were closed. Subsequently, Aspire CRM turned their attention to Salesforce Service Cloud, leveraging its capabilities to enhance case management efficiency and customer engagement. 

The key solutions applied were as follows:

  • Customer engagement recommendations, including auto-responses and case closure notifications. 
  • Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud for efficient case management and customer engagement. 
  • Development of an intuitive service console for a 360-degree view of cases and customers. 
  • Configuration of email to case feature for automated case creation from customer emails. 
  • Email integration within Salesforce for streamlined communication and improved engagement. 
  • Custom reports and dashboards to provide management with insights for informed decision-making. 
The Results

The collaboration between Cosy and Aspire CRM yielded significant results and positive impact on Cosy’s customer service and overall business performance: 

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: With improved customer engagement strategies and efficient case management in Salesforce, Cosy experienced a boost in customer satisfaction ratings. 
  • Reduced Case Backlog: The streamlined case management process and automated email-to-case system helped Cosy reduce their case backlog and respond to customer inquiries promptly. 
  • Enhanced Agent Productivity: The intuitive service console and email integration empowered customer service agents, allowing them to handle cases more effectively and efficiently. 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The custom reports and dashboards provided management with valuable insights, enabling them to make informed business decisions to further improve customer service and operations. 
  • Global Scalability: With Salesforce’s scalability and Aspire CRM’s expertise, Cosy is well-prepared for further global expansion without compromising on customer service quality.

Solutions applied

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Customer Success story

The partnership between Cosy and Aspire CRM, coupled with the successful implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud, transformed Cosy’s customer service operations, leading to increased customer satisfaction and streamlined case management. Aspire CRM’s expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions played a vital role in Cosy’s journey to success, showcasing the power of collaboration and cutting-edge CRM technology in promoting business growth and fostering a positive customer experience worldwide.

“Working with the team at Aspire CRM has been an absolute pleasure. They are extremely knowledgeable about their product and always go above and beyond to make sure that all of our needs are met. Aspire CRM is easy to use, provides great customer service, and helps us stay organised.”


Decrease in Support Costs


Increase in Retention Rates


Increase in Case Resolution Speed


Increase in Employee Productivity

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