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Durham County Council

Durham County Council is a prominent local government authority dedicated to serving its community with effective and efficient services. With a commitment to continuous improvement, the Council sought to enhance its case management process to better serve its constituents. They were in need of an efffective Public Sector CRM solution.
The Challenge

Previously relying solely on email for case management, Durham County Council faced challenges in tracking, organising, and resolving cases efficiently. They recognised the need for a comprehensive Public Sector CRM solution to streamline their case management process and provide a more responsive and accessible service to their community. 

The Solution

To address their case management challenges and improve customer service, Durham County Council partnered with Aspire CRM. The key solutions applied were: 

  • Salesforce Service Cloud implementation for streamlined case management. 
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation for user-friendly self-service. 
  • Integration of Salesforce Scheduler for efficient appointment management. 
  • Implementation of chatbots for instant customer support. 
The Results

The collaboration between Durham County Council and Aspire CRM resulted in significant results and positive impacts on their case management and customer service: 

  • Efficient Case Management: The implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud streamlined Durham County Council’s case management process, allowing for centralised and organised case handling. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Salesforce Experience Cloud provided constituents with a user-friendly self-service portal, enabling them to log cases and access relevant information conveniently. 
  • Optimised Resource Allocation: The integration of Salesforce Scheduler improved appointment management, ensuring efficient resource allocation for case resolution. 
  • Improved Customer Support: The chatbots implementation provided instant support for common queries, improving response times and freeing up support resources for more complex cases. 

Solutions applied

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Customer Success story

The adoption of Salesforce Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Salesforce Scheduler, and chatbots empowered Durham County Council to enhance its case management and customer service capabilities. Aspire CRM’s expertise in Salesforce technology played a crucial role in creating an efficient and customer-focused solution tailored to the Council’s needs. By providing a comprehensive and accessible platform, Durham County Council solidified its position as a responsive and efficient local government authority, dedicated to serving its community with excellence. The successful implementation showcased the power of cutting-edge CRM solutions in driving operational efficiency and improving customer experiences in the public sector. 

“AspireCRM were communicative and elastic to my needs, i needed a CRM that was moulded around the way my company works and they understood this and made sure my CRM was bespoke for my needs”


Increase in citizen engagement rates


Decrease in Support Costs


Increase in Case Resolution Speed


Increase in Employee Productivity

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