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Healthy Stuff, a group of businesses and brands focused on health and well-being, was founded in 2008 and incorporated in the UK on 3rd September 2013. They offer a range of products and services online, through third-party retailers, and partners. However, they faced a challenge where customers were receiving irrelevant content via emails, particularly after completing intolerance tests. As a result, customer engagement was low, and referral numbers to partner products from the emails were not as expected due to the lack of relevance. 
The Challenge

Healthy Stuff’s email marketing strategy was not effectively leveraging the potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Customers were receiving content that was not relevant to their recent intolerance test results, leading to reduced engagement and suboptimal referral numbers for partner products. There was a need to improve email personalization and utilise Marketing Cloud analytics to track the performance of email journeys. 

The Solution

Aspire CRM partnered with Healthy Stuff to address their challenges and maximize the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The key solutions applied were:

  • Creation of personalized customer journeys with dynamic content in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 
  • Customization of email content based on recipients’ recent intolerance test results. 
  • Providing guidance to Healthy Stuff’s Marketing team on utilizing Marketing Cloud analytics effectively. 
The Results

The collaboration between Healthy Stuff and Aspire CRM yielded significant results and positive impact on their email marketing performance: 

  • Increased Customer Engagement: By delivering personalized content based on intolerance test results, customer engagement significantly improved. Customers felt more connected to the content and were more likely to interact with the emails. 
  • Improved Referral Numbers: The relevant product information in the emails resulted in higher referral numbers for partner products, driving increased sales and revenue. 
  • Enhanced Marketing Performance: With a better understanding of Marketing Cloud analytics, Healthy Stuff’s Marketing team could track email performance more effectively. They were able to optimise their email campaigns, leading to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Personalized emails enhanced the overall customer experience, fostering a positive brand perception and customer loyalty. 

Solutions applied

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Customer Success story

The partnership between Healthy Stuff and Aspire CRM, along with the effective implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, transformed Healthy Stuff’s email marketing approach. By delivering relevant and personalised content to customers, Healthy Stuff achieved higher customer engagement, increased referral numbers, and improved overall marketing performance. Aspire CRM’s expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud played a crucial role in Healthy Stuff’s journey to success, demonstrating the power of personalised marketing in promoting customer satisfaction and business growth in the health and well-being sector.

Cosy gave AspireCRM a Customer Satisfaction Rating of 4.785 out of 5 (Salesforce Survey) 

“We have been working with Aspire for nearly a year, on a project to help our allergy and intolerance results help more people via bespoke journeys depending on their results.

They were very quick to respond and (pre Covid-19) came out to our offices where we quickly agreed to work together. They communicate well and have followed the expectations throughout. Currently, we are 50% of the way through due to Covid-19, but they still check things are working well.

With their help, we now offer our clients a better customer journey, and will continue to develop this to allow us to help more people with their results.”


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