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QuidMarket is a well-established short-term loan lender, providing flexible and responsible short-term loans to thousands of people. As a fully authorised and regulated Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved lender, they have earned a reputation for their customer-centric approach and commitment to responsible lending. 
The Challenge

Despite being a fast-growing and successful Financial Services Company, QuidMarket faced challenges with their existing Salesforce implementation. The sustained growth of their business had outpaced their current Salesforce setup, making it inefficient to support their fast-paced operations. Moreover, the lack of a single view of the customer in Salesforce hindered their ability to provide personalised service and understand their customers comprehensively. 

The Solution

To address these challenges and provide a more efficient and customer-focused solution, QuidMarket partnered with Aspire CRM. The key solutions applied were:

  • Migration to Salesforce Lightning Experience for a scalable and intuitive interface. 
  • Layout enhancements and data model simplification for improved productivity. 
  • Establishment of a single view of customers to provide personalised service and customer insights. 
The Results

The collaboration between QuidMarket and Aspire CRM resulted in significant results and positive impacts on their business performance: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The migration to Salesforce Lightning Experience and layout enhancements improved efficiency, enabling the team to handle customer applications and inquiries more swiftly. 
  • Improved Customer Insights: The single view of customers provided valuable insights, enabling QuidMarket to understand customer needs better and deliver more personalised services. 
  • Streamlined Pipeline Management: The simplified data model and processes in Salesforce allowed for a more accurate view of the pipeline, helping QuidMarket make data-driven decisions and manage their operations effectively. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With a comprehensive view of customers and increased efficiency, QuidMarket could deliver an enhanced customer experience, reinforcing their reputation as responsible lenders

Solutions applied

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Customer Success story

The partnership between QuidMarket and Aspire CRM, along with the successful migration to Salesforce Lightning Experience, transformed QuidMarket’s operational efficiency and customer insights. By streamlining processes, simplifying data management, and providing a single view of customers, QuidMarket solidified its position as a trusted and responsible short-term loan lender. Aspire CRM’s expertise in Salesforce technology played a crucial role in QuidMarket’s journey to success, showcasing the power of cutting-edge CRM solutions in driving business growth and delivering exceptional customer experiences in the financial services industry.

Quid Market gave AspireCRM a Customer Satisfaction Rating of 5 out of 5 (Salesforce Survey) 

Partner was excellent, very thorough and clear throughout the process. Made us feel valued and made every effort to take the time out to explain things to us in a way we understood. Would highly recommend for any work you require to be carried out on Salesforce. We’ve already got them working on more projects for us and are looking forward to working with them into the future. 


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