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Aspire CRM’s Health Check services offer a thorough evaluation of your Salesforce setup, ensuring optimal performance and alignment with your business objectives. Our experts identify areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations to enhance system efficiency and user productivity.

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What is a Salesforce CRM Health Check

Ensure your Salesforce environment is running at its best with our personalised Salesforce CRM Health Check service. At Aspire CRM, we understand the unique needs of your organisation and provide a thorough assessment to identify and resolve inefficiencies, security gaps, and data quality issues. Our expert team creates the health check to your specific setup, delivering actionable insights and recommendations to optimise performance, enhance security, and boost user adoption.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Salesforce system is fully optimised to support growth and success.




Increase in data accuracy

Boost in user adoption rates

Improvement in system performance


Increase in data accuracy


Boost in user adoption rates


Improvement in system performance


Why Salesforce CRM Health Check

Salesforce Health Check Data Accuracy

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Regular health checks ensure your Salesforce data is accurate, up-to-date, and free from duplicates. This improvement leads to better decision-making, more effective business strategies, and reliable reporting that you can trust for critical insights.

Salesforce Health Check Security & Compliance

Increased Security & Compliance

Health checks help identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities, ensuring that your data is protected and that you remain compliant with relevant regulations. This protects your organisation from potential data breaches and legal issues.

Salesforce Health Check System Performance

Improved System Performance

By identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks, health checks can significantly enhance the speed and efficiency of your Salesforce environment. This results in increased productivity and a better user experience.

Problems Solved

Indications that Signal the Necessity for a CRM Health Check

User Resistance

User Resistance

Your end-users are avoiding using Salesforce or finding other ways to process data. A Health Check will identify the cause of the resistance and recommend a solution.

Data Reporting Inaccuracy

Data Reporting Inaccuracy

Reports lack data or fail to run properly. A Health Check diagnoses the root of the issue and prescribes corrective measures to ensure accurate reporting and data consistency.

Security Vulnerabilities

Security Vulnerabilities

While Salesforce maintains robust security measures, user-created vulnerabilities pose risks. A Salesforce security Health Check identifies and addresses such risks proactively.

Salesforce Health Check: Transition Challenges

Transition Challenges

Smooth transitioning from Classic to Lightning is desired. A Health Check identifies potential hurdles, ensuring a seamless migration process.

Salesforce Health Check: Underutilisation of New Features

Underutilisation of New Features

New Salesforce updates offer enhanced functionalities. A Health Check identifies untapped features, unlocking new possibilities for business growth.

Salesforce Health Check: Post-Release Issues

Post-Release Issues

Irregular errors post-Salesforce releases disrupt operations. Our Health Check pinpoints issues, their origins, and provides actionable solutions for effective resolution.

Persistent Performance & Limitation Concerns

Persistent Performance & Limitation Concerns

Consistent user-reported performance issues or reaching storage limits indicate system challenges. A Health Check addresses these concerns, restoring system efficiency.

Complexity and Clutter

Complexity and Clutter

Unnecessary applications and complex configurations hinder system performance. A Health Check streamlines the setup, reducing clutter and enhancing efficiency.

Locked Record Problems

Locked Record Problems

Frequent user issues with locked records impact productivity. A Health Check resolves these issues, optimising workflow and performance.


Customer Testimonials

“From the outset Aspire helped guide us with the perfect solution. The team had experience working with similar finance intermediaries which showed. Aspire CRM had all bases covered meaning that if the Dorsia Team had questions in any area, one of the Aspire CRM Team could find the solution and articulate in the correct manner so that it was easily understood.”

Dorsia Finance

“Excellent company to work with from initial conception meeting to to final delivery of the product. The team was very approachable and any queries during the testing phase were quickly resolved. At the handover of the project good comprehensive documentation was provided for training and administration purposes. Felt like true partnership working for the duration of the project.”

Folkestone & Hythe District Council


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Salesforce Health Check?

A Salesforce Health Check is a comprehensive assessment of your Salesforce instance to evaluate its overall health, including data integrity, system performance, security, and adherence to best practices.

How often should I conduct a Salesforce Health Check?

It is recommended to conduct a Health Check periodically, typically once or twice a year, to ensure ongoing system optimisation and alignment with evolving business needs.

What does a Salesforce Health Check entail?

A Health Check typically involves a thorough examination of various aspects of your Salesforce instance, including data quality, system configuration, security settings, user adoption, and overall performance.

What are the deliverables of a Salesforce Health Check?

The deliverables usually include a detailed assessment report outlining findings, recommendations for improvement, prioritised action items, and a roadmap for implementing suggested changes.

Why do I need a Salesforce Health Check?

A Health Check helps identify potential issues, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement within your Salesforce environment, ensuring optimal performance, data accuracy, and user satisfaction.

Who performs the Salesforce Health Check?

The health check certified team at Aspire CRM will perform the Health Check. We possess the necessary expertise to assess your instance comprehensively and provide actionable recommendations.

How long does a Salesforce Health Check take?

The duration of a Health Check can vary depending on the complexity of your Salesforce instance and the scope of the assessment. It may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to complete.

How can I schedule a Salesforce Health Check with Aspire CRM?

To schedule a Salesforce Health Check with Aspire CRM, simply contact our team through our website or reach out to us directly. We’ll guide you through the process and tailor the Health Check to your specific needs.

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