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Cantium Business Solutions

Cantium is a leading ICT partner offering customised IT solutions to the UK public sector and its supply chain that were in need of a Public sector CRM solution. They redefine outsourcing by early engagement, precise requirements, and expert insights. As a LATCo owned by Kent County Council, they prioritise generating profit for community support. Profits go back to the Council for frontline services and programs. Partnering with Cantium ensures public funds sustain essential services and drives innovation for clients nationwide.
The Challenge
  • Existing email automation tool lacked Salesforce integration, resulting in laborious data extraction processes.
  • Uncertainty in data modeling created challenges in segmenting customer data effectively.
  • Desired automation for communications targeting both general and specific customer segments based on products.
  • Difficulty in discerning which products customers already had, necessitating data extraction from multiple sources.
  • In need of a Public sector CRM solution
The Solution
  • Conducted an extensive review of Cantium’s Salesforce and data model, ensuring its suitability for upcoming marketing endeavors.
  • Provided tailored recommendations and collaborated closely with their system admin to understand organisational intricacies.
  • Seamlessly integrated Marketing Cloud into their Salesforce org, effecting necessary adjustments and establishing a smooth connection.
  • Implemented a custom report feature, enabling easy identification of customers and their associated products.
  • Developed personalised HTML email templates and cloud pages, aligned with Cantium’s branding for a cohesive customer experience.
  • Designed a bespoke email journey based on customer engagement, employing strategies to bypass spam and junk filters.
The Results
  • Implemented refined marketing journeys, resulting in significantly improved customer engagement, supported by quantifiable data.
  • Drastically reduced time spent on data extraction by directly importing it into Marketing Cloud, resulting in operational efficiencies.
  • Enhanced customer segmentation capabilities, facilitating more precise and effective communications tailored to specific customer needs and preferences.

Solutions applied

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Customer Success story

Public Sector

“The results speak for themselves: refined marketing journeys, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer engagement. We highly recommend Aspire for any marketing CRM solutions.””


Increase in citizen engagement rates


Decrease in Support Costs


Increase in Case Resolution Speed


Increase in Employee Productivity

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