Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Financial Services Institution!

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is designed to enable your institution to create a personal experience that builds customer loyalty and confidence. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud integrates with Service, Sales, and Marketing to help break down data silos. It also creates a more personalised and coherent customer experience across all departments, as well as through any channels of communication.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a one-stop shop for your financial services team. This delivers realtime access to critical data, an accurate view of every stage in the customer’s journey, as well as visibility for its distinctive customer journey.



Increase in Client Satisfaction


Average Revenue Growth


Better Risk Management Capabilities


Improvement in Decision Making Accuracy with AI

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Insurance

Insurance Companies

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enables insurance companies to meet the unique needs of each individual policyholder. A 360-degree view of each policyholder’s milestones can be accessed by customer service representatives and agents. In addition, it allows them to influence coverage recommendations through intuitive Dashboards, Realtime Analytics, and Insights.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Capital Markets

Capital Markets

With powerful workflow tools, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can help capital firms align their processes and operationalise them. Banks, for example, can track investment and deal pipelines with powerful opportunity management features, while investor relations teams and client services are onboarding new clients. The ability to model relationships helps companies to see their assets under management.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Banking

Banking and Lending

Banking and lending institutions participate on the basis of timely, relevant information, communication and access across all platforms. You can easily visualize and track customer relationships, streamline transfer of tasks between key stakeholders using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Wealth

Wealth and Asset Management

With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, wealth managers and asset managers can ensure transparency and trust. The Relationship Intelligence tool allows you to capture and display visual information in and across households, clients, and networks about up-to-the-minute account information. In addition, through a single location, you can organise and provide advisors with access to critical partner solutions and client information.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Security

Security and Compliance

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides strong security measures and adheres to strict standards of compliance to guarantee the protection of customer data. A few of the Platform’s capabilities that enable Financial Institutions to comply with regulatory requirements and retain client confidence are data encryption, user authentication, or an audit trail.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud AI

Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce Artificial Intelligence Platform provides financial institutions with the tools they need to streamline their operations, enhance client interactions, and make strategic, data-driven decisions. 

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud analytics and reporting

Analytics and Reporting

The reporting and analytical tools assist financial institutions in monitoring their performance and identifying areas for improvement. Reports on the sales pipeline, customer satisfaction and financial performance shall be included in this.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud training and support

Training and Support

Aspire CRM provides training and support to financial organisations to ensure successful user adoption of Salesforce. We conduct training sessions, create user documentation, and offer ongoing support to address any questions or issues that arise. By empowering users with Salesforce knowledge, financial companies can maximise their productivity and achieve success.

"Partner was excellent"

Quidmarket – Financial Services

Marketing for Finance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the ultimate marketing for finance tool. Optimise your financial institution’s business impact, gain efficiencies, and create an exceptional customer experience. To enhance personal engagement and drive long-term value, organisations are capable of unifying data and creating a common customer profile. Marketing Cloud allows you to market relevant financial products and services to your customers and prospects across a variety of channels.

Tableau for Finace

Tableau for finace offers features designed for finance teams, which increases efficiency and decision making. The reporting process is simplified by automated consolidation of data, which saves time and ensures correctness. Individual data filtering allows collaboration between teams, while simple tools for viewing large datasets facilitate cooperation. Tableau’s analytical capabilities, such as dynamism reporting and tactical analysis, offer value to financial decision-makers.

offshore shipbrokers financial services logo

Offshore Shipbrokers

Offshore Shipbrokers are a leading vessel brokerage business that can support clients with their sometimes unique needs for shipping. The team at Offshore Shipbrokers were reliant on dated technology including spreadsheets to manage the brokering process, including being able to track vessels and jobs for clients.

GoHenry financial services logo


Gohenry is an existing Salesforce user but was not getting the required value due to a lack of in-house engagement. Due to the lack of expertise and engagement, the potential to maximise their investment and help increase customer satisfaction and retention was suffering.

quid market financial services logo


QuidMarket is a fast-growing and successful Financial Services Company that uses Salesforce heavily within its business. Due to sustained growth, their current Salesforce implementation was not efficient enough to support the fast-paced nature of the business and did not provide a single view of the customer to the team.

LV financial services logo

Liverpool Victoria

LV Insurance is a leading insurance company committed to providing reliable and customer-centric insurance solutions. With a strong presence in the insurance industry, LV Insurance aims to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build lasting relationships with its policyholders. 

Dorsia financial services logo

Dorsia Finance

Dorsia Finance, a dynamic and forward-thinking financial services company, recognised the need to enhance their sales and customer relationship management processes. Their current business solution was falling short of meeting their evolving business requirements and the adoption was poor. To elevate their operations and gain a more robust and scalable platform, Dorsia Finance sought a better solution.  

Whiskey & Wealth Club

Whiskey & Wealth Club was founded on a simple yet innovative idea – to share the joy and potential rewards of wholesale cask Irish whiskey or Scotch whisky ownership with clients worldwide. With decades of experience in the beverage and business sectors, the founders established Whiskey & Wealth Club as one of the pioneers in offering private clients the unique opportunity to purchase cask whiskey. 

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